Via Dolphin Mentoring for Trainers

After so many years training dolphins, some time ago during a training session, I stood up and looked around thought if only I could create a program to make a session easier, for the animals and for the trainers.

I thought that showing people how I used Operant Condition (positive reinforcement) would be a good opportunity to create a program much easier to understand and less complicated for all trainers. This would also ensure fair treatment of the animals by less experienced trainers, who could then use positive training techniques to achieve quicker results.

I realised that the process of learning so many techniques could be daunting for students, but with my help in explaining how they can build, using small steps at time, they will be successful. Many students don’t make it, due lack of patience, frustration, uncertainty, but with my mentoring program they will be more relaxed and be able to glide through my trainer’s training process.

We have created a Facebook Trainers page ” Via Dolphin Mentoring for Trainers” to share training videos as well an Educational group ” Learn to Train Your Dolphin” with valuable information for you to develop your knowledge as a trainer.

And if you just prefer to share time with our Dolphin Comunity, just visit our Facebook group

“Via Dolphin”

Here you can interact with around 2000 trainers.

Visit us and learn some training tips and techniques!!


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