Discover How Trainers Develop Their Knowledge

Knowing the process of behaviour training procedure, is key for a trainer’s career. During your career, you cannot predict where you will be working in the future and the more you learn, hopefully the stronger your position will be as a trainer. You will find that for you to develop and to not get stuck, it is a great advantage to learn to train a behaviour from scratch (the beginning).

There is no right or wrong way of training an animal just different ways to achieve your desired goal. Knowing and developing different routes and strategies of training, will not only be good for when you get stuck, but you will actually have many different ways to explain what you need to your animal and they will understand easier and faster.

Companies have different methods and procedures, they don’t all work in the same way. Positive Reinforcement/Operant Conditioning is recognised globally as the most positive training method; therefore, companies may change their working systems, but this should not affect or change the way an animal is trained. A trainer is a teacher and each teacher havs their own technique or way of training; the most important thing is that their subject is learnt in a happy positive environment.

If you want to keep ahead of the game you must learn to train a behaviour from scratch. This will allow you to glide through problem solving/troubleshooting and succeed to become a top trainer. This is the main issue for young trainers anywhere they go, how to learn a behaviour from its beginning.

Our Dolphin Trainer Course was designed to give you this knowledge.

Trainers usually change companies during their career, to improve their career because they want more success, working for different companies makes you learn more and develop different techniques. The more you work for different companies the more possibility you have to develop, by working with different people, different systems and different animals. There is a high possibility that you might have to train an animal that has never been trained before. Being open minded is one of the most important characteristics of a trainer, this could save your career!!

One of the main reasons this website was created for trainer’s self-improvement and for

trainer’s self-development.


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