Hi, Welcome to Via Dolphin Mentoring Trainers

I have over twenty-five years’ experience as a professional behaviourist of marine mammals. I have played key roles within the management teams of various Dolphinarium facilities. I have trained many dolphins from zero, created shows, interaction programs and trained many trainers operating within marine mammal establishments today, around the world. I have also created and implemented, educational systems to train assistant trainers, as well as supervising trainers. Providing high quality care for the animals whilst offering the best programs for the public has always been at the heart of what I do.

Studying behaviuor, of animals or humans, has always been my passion, whilst interacting with other cultures.

This has resulted in me gaining qualifications in Marine Mammal Flora and Fauna, in Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, in Child & Adolescent Psychology as well as High Level Teaching Assistant.

Good nutrition and fitness have been constant in my career as a trainer and I have always motivated and encouraged trainers, to recognize having good health and fitness, is key to succeeding in such a demanding role.

Advising on the logistics required for animal transportation and accompanying transported animals to new facilities, is a very exciting area that I also have experience in.

 I am currently providing advice to owners of new facilities to set up around the world, which will eventually provide jobs for trainers.